Hello Cinephiliacs or perspective film enthusiasts!

If you’re finding this blog in the surrounding Fort Lauderdale or Miami area please reach out to us! We love cookies with a side of celluloid. But on a more serious note, today’s topic at hand is discussing Our 5 Popular Locations for Music Videos in Miami.

As always we encourage your input so if you feel there is another location we missed we’ll try to include it in our future posts to come.

So here we go:

Our NUMBER 1 is OCEAN BOULEVARD AND THE SURROUNDING BEACH, and it’s no wonder it is! I mean, have you seen the talent that skates, struts, or in any way moves up and down this road? Incredible! But, beware if you are faint of heart because this place will definitely get your heart racing with its lavish multi-hued lights, shiny cars, and breath-taking individuals that wear garments two sizes too small. 

Second on our list goes to the MARINE STADIUM and it’s well worth the security bribe. We had the pleasure of filming a Chevy Woods featuring Rico Love music video scene here. With it’s barrage of spray-painted designs and worn stadium seating, it makes for an aesthetically pleasing site. However, watch out for needles! It is home to a few less fortunate. We do not recommend flip flops here.

If you’re interested in seeing a glimpse of the location, below is a link to the latest music video from Chevy Woods shot here.

They say a comedic joke reaches its climax after the third strike which is probably why you should be tasteful when shooting in this location.

The third on our list goes to WYNWOOD DESIGN DISTRICT

In this location, you’ll want to bring a notepad and extra memory for location scouting pictures because there are so many variety of areas to shoot in. And, the best part is it’s constantly changing. But, like we said, this location can be overdone so chose wisely what projects fit the need of these type of backdrops.

Number four here we come and it lands us at any one of these Popular Condominiums: ONE, FLAMINGO, or FOUNTAIN BLEU. If you’re watched a Pitbull, Rick Ross, or DJ Khaled video, well, you’ve probably seen a location from one of the highrises.

These locations offer a luxurious premise for any music video so they are encouraged… That is if you can afford it.

Our final location and the reason we kept it last is because it’s somewhat of a secret location. Welcome the CHATEAU ARTISAN! However, J Lo seemed to use it in one of her latest music videos with Prince Royce & Pitbull. This location offers class, luxury, and better yet a moat! 

In closing, we wish we could list all the amazing locations Miami has to offer but these were the ones we thought stood out from the rest. As mentioned before, please reach out to us if you have any suggestions for our next round.

And if you’re looking to film utilizing Kiaro Pictures services at any one of these pristine locations don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Until next time!