So you have a video, film, or tv show and want to get it sold or as the Industry calls it "Green Lit", but the problem is you need Celebrities or what they call "attachments'.

How do you make this happen?

Well luckily for you Kiaro Pictures has been producing its' first TV show and we've learned a great deal on how to get celebrity attachments involved.

First order of business is to understand what networks/distributors are looking for when you present them a prospective project. 

This is what networks want to see:

  • A Pitch Deck
  • Trailer, Sizzle, or Pilot episode
  • LOI's (Letters of Intent) from marketable professionals (I.e. Celebrities, Seasoned crew, etc.)
  • Projections

Believe it or not, this is a great deal of work, but that's why so many films/tv shows take so long to get produced. However, if you really believe in your project then you should stay persistent.

So how to get celebrities involved?

Heres a few ways:

  • Agents
  • Agencies
  • Talent Managers
  • Friends of the Actor

You may be asking yourself, well, I already know that, but how do I get the contact information for these people. And, the secret is just like anything else that it takes continual effort filming new content and marketing that content to any source you can think of (Blogs, companies that apply to the project, etc.) After awhile your persistence will shine through and you will find someone that is willing to collaborate with you.

Now, here's a warning to anyone presented with an enticing offer. 


  • What they've accomplished. is a GREAT RESOURCE.
  • Who they know.
  • Most importantly, WHAT THEY WANT IN RETURN!

Anyone that you end up doing business with needs to provide a written proposal of what they're offering and what they want in return. If they are anyone serious, you'll find they are willing to explain things to you such as their business practices, etc. Anyone who isn't willing to be completely honest with you about what they can provide and put it in writing is a WASTE OF TIME!

Also, another point to mention is that there are different types of people who can make connections happen.

  • Brokers (These guys take a percentage off linking you up with actors, distributors, etc.)
  • Producers (These guys get salary AND percentage off backend for providing connections, investors, and packaging the project)

It's important to know the difference between those two so you can determine how much to give from your project. Every individual will want a percentage of the backend, but that should only be for the people that really make the project go through. These our the people I like to call "Necessary Assets". 


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